Lublin Guide

I am an officially licensed Tour Guide of Lublin and in East Poland.

I know perfectly that while visiting some places the most important is not to visit museums, listen to historical facts, but the bottom line is the impressions that you receive during your trip and experiences that will long stay in your memory.

You can experience Lublin yourself in many ways but you can see the best of the city by allowing a local guide to take you on a tour. You will be put in the footsteps of some of history's most outstanding figures and into the most enjoyable and memorable places. Lublin Guide Join me on a tour.

Costume Tours with Sylwia Lublin Guide
Take a walking tour of the Old Town in Lublin with one of famous town personalities. Stroll through narrow lanes and dark corners of the historic Old Town and be taken back to the past. I offer you a very special costume tour, where I bring to life persons from the past centuries on the tour through the city centre and provide an entertaining view of the town's history. You will hear many interesting stories and anecdotes. I will take you around showing my favourite sights, picturesque lanes full of unique architectural details and reveal some of the mysteries.

Lublin Region

The Lublin region isn't famous nor popular by the tourists, and it is a shame. Lublin was always a spot where different cultures met in the region. I want travellers to find out about the hidden interests of my region, because it is definitely worth seeing it. Every city has its own story to tell, and a guide will help you get this story in all the details. And I will gladly show you the most interesting places in this gorgeous region. Hang around in vincinity of Lublin. I invite you to Kazimierz Dolny and Naleczow. Enjoy a day of discovery on your private guided tour of South Eeast Poland with me.